Lunch N Learn Price: $499.00

We are excited to offer a new service to our valued customers - Lunch N Learns.  With all the advances in the Power Energy Storage industry, it's difficult to keep all your team up to speed with the latest and greatest techniques, code changes and technology trends in the industry.
Target Audiences: 
  • Power Engineers
  • Cost Engineers
  • Procurement
  • Detail Engineers
  • DC Power Installers (Level I thru IV)
  • Electricians (Apprentice thru Master)
  • Specification Engineers
  • Field Technicians
What We Do / What You Get:
1. Tailor a Powerpoint presentation to share with your team.
Popular Topics:
  • Intro to Batteries (Battery 101)
  • Battery Selection (Lithium vs. Lead vs. Others)
  • Battery Sizing (IEEE and NEC requirements).
  • Installation, Operation and Maintenance on Battery Systems. 
  • Cabinets vs. Racks vs. Vaults
  • DC Power Engineering for Industrial Applications
  • AC Engineering for Residential, Industrial and Commercial applications. 
  • Sizing Current Carrying Conductors/Bus Bars
  • Trend Analysis to determine premature failure

2. Get a head count, menu requests and diet restrictions on any attendees who will physically be present in the customer's/end-user's facilities during the presentation.

3. Schedule a date during lunch hour for the presentation.

4. On the date selected, lunch will be delivered 15 minutes prior to presentation start.

5. At start time, one of our industry experts (minimum 25+ Years experience in the industrial battery) will present the information and go through the presentation via Teleconference or Live Meeting.

6.  Review and answer any questions.  Plus review future requests for any follow-up activities at the end of presentation.